For English Speaking Women

In pregnancy midwives have the most knowledge and midwives are the people who are always at your side. Midwives accompany and advise you throughout your pregnancy. This includes things such as:
confirming your pregnancy and issuing the Mutterpass (document for your pregnancy), nutritional advice, information on perinatal screening and help with various little problems that can occur during pregnancy (morning sickness, heartburn, pelvic girdle pain, oedema, breech position etc.)

We work with natural remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture and many more treatments safe in pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Midwives are allowed to practice independently. Midwives are trained to accompany you in your pregnancy right from the beginning to be able to influence the course of your pregnancy positively. Midwives see birth as a natural process but are able to distinguish abnormal processes and can act accordingly.

At your perinatal care appointments we can provide you with a full check and offer everything you would be offered at the doctor’s apart from ultrasound. You can choose to share your perinatal care between us, the midwives, and your obstetrician or you can receive all of your perinatal care with us apart from the ultrasounds.

We can refer you to your obstetrician in case there occur any problems in your pregnancy.

The fees for your midwifery led care will be covered by your health insurance.

Quality assurance of out-of-hospital obstetrics ( and the WHO (World Health Organisation) states that birth in a birth centre or at home is just as safe as birth in a hospital. WHO also found that births accompanied by midwives lead to a greater maternal satisfaction and to less medical intervention. According to WHO midwives are people who can provide the best care in low risk pregnancies and are best to judge risks and complications.

We follow you throughout your pregnancy and are therefore able to notice problems early in your pregnancy that would prevent you from having your baby in the birth centre. If problems occur in labour we will transfer you to one of the Harburg labour wards.

The postnatal period is the time after you had the baby and is meant for recovery, time to get to know each other and time of love.

Usually during this period occur many questions about the baby and its behaviour, feeding issues and healing processes. Midwives are experts concerning all mother and baby topics. Once your baby is born and you are back at home we visit you regularly up to 8 weeks post natally where we offer weighing the baby, breastfeeding advice, developmental stages, observing healing processes of stitches and Cesarean section wounds etc.

We offer birth preparation classes weekly over a period of 6 weeks as well as weekend courses (these will be taught in English). We also offer perinatal Yoga classes, acupuncture and massage.

Once you had the baby you can attend pelvic floor exercise classes (with or without your baby) to get fit again.

For any further information please feel free to contact us.

Birth preparation-class  in english:
14.06.24 to 16.06.24 (Friday 6pm to 9pm , Saturday/Sunday 10am to 3:30pm)

23.08.24 to 25.08.24 (Friday 6pm to 9pm , Saturday/Sunday 10am to 3:30pm)

The course takes place in hamburg on site. There is no online option.

*the partner fee for the course is 175 €. You will get an invoice and confirmation after the class. Ask your insurance for a refound.

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Telefon: 040 32846509


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